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GroProfits draws upon decades of experience to help successful businesses further their growth by empowering leaders with impactful resources, influential guidance, and expert insights.

The Problem

When growth becomes a burden.
There comes a point in every successful business’s lifespan when further growth becomes detrimental instead of beneficial. These growing pains have a variety of culprits including limits on manpower, expertise, and funding. When a business hits this growth barrier, it’s easy to get stuck in a prolonged fit of stagnation before eventually regressing. If you’ve hit a point where scaling further seems more like a burden than an advantage, you’re in the right place!


2x Cash Flow
3X Industry Average Profitability
10x Valuation


Reduce by 80% the time it takes to manage the busienss.


Support to speed the process and take the load off the leadership team.

The Solution

How to reach new heights.

Every business hits obstacles and challenges on its way to new heights. The key is having the resources, understanding, and expertise to blast through these barriers to continue growing smoothly no matter what’s thrown in the way. And that’s exactly what GroProfits is designed to do. This highly successful platform is designed to help business leaders scale their businesses no matter where they currently stand. You’ll get the tools and knowledge needed to continue reaching your business objectives.


Many growth-company leaders reach a point where they actually dread adding another customer, employee, or location. It feels like they are just adding more weight to an ever-heavier anchor they are dragging up the hill. To make matters worse, the increased revenues haven’t turned into more profitability, so at some point, they wonder if the journey of scaling up is worth the effort.

Running a business is ultimately about freedom. The Scaling Up performance platform shows owners of scaleupshow to achieve it, no matter how big and complicated a business becomes.

Free your time to focus on the market-facing activities necessary to grow your business while getting everyone aligned to execute your plan.

You've Moved Past Start-Up, Now It's Time to Scale Up!

Starting a business is difficult, but scaling a business is even more challenging. Even the most promising companies can easily run headfirst into a wall of stagnation. This lack of growth strains everyone from the leaders to the front-line workers who crave to move towards higher levels of success. Sometimes, the key to blasting through this quagmire is an outside advisor who can bring a refreshing and effective take on the issue. That’s where GroProfit comes into play!

As a highly skilled and seasoned growth advisor, I’ve personally helped dozens of business leaders take their organizations to new levels of growth through professionally crafted, custom-tailored, and carefully executed strategies. I can guide you through the world-renowned and incredibly effective Scale Up process drawing upon my unique experience as a CEO and successful Scaling Up practitioner. After years of stagnation, I was able to push my business to new heights. We’ve been recognized by Inc. 500 as one of the Best Places to Work and Fastest Growing Companies.

Our Programs

Grow Your Business With GroProfits

GroProfits is more than just a catchy name. It’s what we help clients do on a regular basis. We provide business leaders just like you with the expertise, knowledge, and resources needed to take organizations to the next level. Your company is far from reaching its full potential. We’ve already helped countless leaders blast through growth barriers to reach their objectives. There’s no reason you can’t be next.