Manoj Chugani

Certified Scaling Up Coach – Hong Kong

Manoj Chugani

Industry: Technology, Family business, Financial services & Insurance, Manufacturing, Non-profit, Healthcare, Professional Services.

Biography: Manoj’s passion is empowering leadership teams to realise their vision for a better world. Manoj Chugani works with CEOs, Founders and their leadership teams of purpose driven businesses who want to Scale Up their business and the impact they are making in this world. Manoj has been an entrepreneur for over 26 years and has founded and led several businesses in China including Hong Kong and the mainland, Malaysia, Spain and France and his clients have included small and Fortune 500 companies. Out of his own challenges scaling up in 2008, Manoj decided to invest in hiring a coach. It was the best decision he made. The journey was transformational in many ways for his business and his life.   This inspired him to become a coach and become the trusted advisor for other CEOs and founders just as his coach had been for him.

Professional Highlights: Over the past 8 years, Manoj has worked with over 50 clients in Hong Kong & Mainland China, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, India, UAE, Brunei and Japan. His clients range from start-ups to larger scale-ups preparing to exit and everything in between. As every business is a reflection of its leadership, Manoj uses his coaching skills to work with CEOs and the leadership team to accelerate growth, improving performance and identifying barriers to scaling up the business. He also works as a facilitator with the leadership team as they work on people, strategy, execution and cash in their business.His clients experience a renewed sense of clarity of who they are, why they do what they do and how the business is an expression of that which allows the business to reinvent itself through the leadership.

Personal Highlights: Manoj has been an EMyth certified coach from Oct 2012 till March 2020 and a Value Builder certified coach till October 2019. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Economics from the Sydenham College, University of Mumbai. He is currently pursuing his PCC certification with the International Coach Federation. He is a relentless learner, avid reader and pursues his own growth and transformation by regularly participating in seminars and workshops. He is happily married and is blessed with two teenagers. He regularly practices yoga and meditation.