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Our Programs

Our tools and practices are more than mere theoretical concepts lifted from business manuals. They’re tried and true tactics used to scale over 80,000 multi-million dollar organizations on 6 continents.

Acorn Program


This is our basic program. Receive a designated Gro Profits coach to help you reach your business goals and remain accountable for achieving them. You will also have access to some of our growth tools and resources that we’ve used successfully in scaling over 80,000 businesses.

Sapling Program


This is our most popular program. It provides all the essentials to help you accomplish your goals. With weekly check-ins, monthly accountability sessions, and quarterly planning meetings, we have the ability to track your progress and see how we can best help you reach your goals.

Oak Program


This is our most comprehensive coaching program. It’s for those ready to move beyond the basics of business and who want to scale their business in a way that will guarantee long-term success. You will have more meetings, coaching, and opportunity to learn how to scale your business.  

Online Modules

The online modules are designed to help you scale your business at your own pace. Identify your key obstacles and receive actionable and effective strategies to exponentially scale your business. Watch the modules when you have time, refer back to them when you need something specific, and use the various tools we provide to help you along the way.

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Business owners using the 20,000 Scale-Ups program to scale their business in 12 months

12-Month Scale Up Program

The Scale Up program has proven foundational in helping over 20,000 successful businesses reach higher levels of growth and profitability. At Gro Profits, we’ll guide you and your business through all modules and steps of the program to take you from where you are today to where you never thought you could get. Get all the resources, confidence, and expertise you need to take your business to new heights. 

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