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Sapling Program

Grow and scale up your business to new heights with our Sapling program, our comprehensive program that provides ongoing support and expert guidance across multiple functions, helping you scale your operations and expand your reach.

Who is this for?

Are you looking to take your business to the next level and overcome complex challenges on your path to growth? Take your business to the next level with our Sapling program. Our comprehensive consulting services provide ongoing support and expert guidance across multiple functions. We help established businesses overcome complex challenges and achieve sustainable growth through personalized support.

Person stressed because they are struggling to scale their business
Accountability checklist, The Sapling Program will hold you accountable to achieving your goals

What is Included:

  • Weekly meeting with a specialized Gro Profits coach
  • Monthly accountability sessions to ensure that you are still on track to reaching your goals 
  • Quarterly Planning
  • Complete access to all Gro Profits growth tools 
  • Team & Leadership accountability
  •  Annual Reset Planning

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