Todd Michael Cohan

Founder & Managing Partner – United States of America

Todd Michael Cohan

Todd Michael Cohan is a Scale Up Strategist and growth expert who works with CEOs, Founders and investors, scaling high value companies to an exit around the world.

For more than 30 years Todd Michael has built, scaled and sold businesses in various industries. The most recent company he founded was bootstrapped, built and scaled to a global mobile technology compliance provider resulting in a successful exit to a billion-dollar private equity company. He also has been awarded several cutting-edge patents in the technology space.

He is the founder and Managing Partner of GroProfits, a growth consultancy firm which helps companies improve business performance in order for the founders and shareholders to achieve freedom, accumulate wealth, and accelerate impact. In addition to this, Todd Michael is the Managing Partner of Modo Capital, a boutique investment firm specializing in Succession Planning, Search Funds and Angel Investments. He continues to build his portfolio via acquisitions and joint ventures.

Todd Michael resides in Princeton, NJ and NYC with his wife, Emily and their two children. Among many of his accomplishments, he was ranked as one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs in the United States, a student at the prestigious Gathering of Titans / MIT Program and received his MBA from Columbia Business School.

He is absolutely committed to personal growth, becoming the best version of himself, and inspiring others to achieve the same. His mission is to help create business empires with impact – bringing his entrepreneurial skills and mindset to people all over the world as a driving force of progression and prosperity.